Collection: White Shaker cabinetry by Faircrest Cabinets

Base Cabinets in White Shaker by Faircrest

Base cabinets play a critical role in the décor, functionality, and distribution of your space. In the kitchen and bathroom, base cabinets support and surround crucial appliances such as sinks and stovetops and make up a great bulk of the storage space available, not to mention they contribute to the overall aesthetic of the room. As a result, your space requires floor cabinets that are attractive, and with our elegant white shaker base cabinets, your kitchen will exude a fresh and sophisticated style. Our white shaker cabinets are the perfect combination of classic and modern because of their minimalistic palette and exquisite finishes paired with more contemporary elements such as the soft-close drawers and doors. Our white shaker base cabinets are easy to assemble for the DIYers and come in a variety of sizes, styles, and models to renovate a whole kitchen, bathroom, or storage room.

Wall Cabinets in White Shaker by Faircrest

Wall cabinets increase the potential of your space by adding an elevated storage unit to your kitchen, bathrooms, or any other room inside the home. Available in single or double doors as well as a wide range of styles and models, our line of white shaker wall cabinets by Faircrest give you that added space you’ve been craving for with a unique combination of traditional and modern designs. Thanks to our extensive line of wall cabinets, you can choose the right wall mounted cabinetry for your space configuration and create your ideal kitchen, bathroom, or storage room set up. These contemporary, yet classic white shaker wall cabinets boast an attractive appearance and incorporate features such as soft-close doors and adjustable shelves, always made from quality materials and ready to assemble.

Tall Cabinets in White Shaker by Faircrest

Tall cabinets are a perfect addition to complement your kitchen’s design and increase storage space. They bring a unique and fresh look to your kitchen, not to mention functionality and convenience when it comes to storing and freeing up space. Our tall white shaker cabinets are perfect for adding an additional pantry unit to your kitchen where you can keep easily accessible dry goods and other cooking items. It can also be used as a utility storage to keep larger tools that should always be within reach. No matter what purpose our cabinets serve for you, the white shaker style line will add elegance to your kitchen or any other room. With their classic style, our tall white shaker cabinets bring an air of sophistication to your home or commercial space by giving it a unique and charming option for storage.

Vanity Cabinets in White Shaker by Faircrest

TheWhiteShaker has a wide range of vanity cabinets available to bring your dream bathroom to reality. Choose from single-sink or double-sink vanity cabinets in a variety of free-standing options with different drawer and door arrangements to fulfill your ideal bathroom setup. Our white shaker vanity cabinets are made from high quality materials and are meant to last, while boasting a timeless look and rich colors to always complement the aesthetics of your bathroom. On top of their elegant designs, our white shaker vanity cabinets are exceedingly functional. With deep drawers for maximum storage and smooth doors as well as drawer and door bumpers, our vanity cabinets are meant to become a long lasting piece of furniture that you, your family, and guests will enjoy for a lifetime.

Accessories and Miscellaneous Items by Faircrest

With our array of elegant and functional white shaker cabinet accessories and trims, you can add a touch of style and utility to make your space unique in the eyes of your guests and family. Add that finishing touch to your kitchen, bathroom, or storage space with our shaker cabinetry molding and filler options, or further customize your setup with our wide array of elegant accessories. Additions such as a wine rack wall cabinet and plate rack increase the luxury of your space, while the glass doors and corbels give it an air of heightened class and detail. So browse our line of white shaker cabinet miscellaneous items and you’ll be sure to find the inspiration to make your kitchen, bathroom, or storage space truly unique and truly yours.