About Us

We started in the construction industry in the early 2000s as a successful granite fabrication company in South Florida.  Over the years we expanded our services to commercial projects as well as residential.  Our product ranges also increased to include tiles, flooring and cabinetry over time.

COVID-19 hit us pretty badly.

It forced us to re-think how we do business and also the services that we offer.  We had to significantly change what we do.

Instead of being a full service remodeling company we now focus on retailing one of the fundamental items that make up the biggest part of renovations:  cabinetry.

Throughout the years many colors and styles have come and gone.  However, one has always stayed - white shaker cabinets!

There are many cabinet brands we have used in the past.  Some have been notably cheaper... some have been notably more expensive.  The brand that we've had the most success with, both in terms of quality and price, have been from Faircrest Cabinets.

Our mission is to only sell white shaker cabinetry.  We love it that much!  We want to offer you a truly exceptional premium product at a price point that you'll absolutely adore.

We are a small minority-owned family business.  We don't have big marketing budgets.  We don't have big showrooms, offices and warehouses that add to your bottom line costs.  We want to show you that we have a big heart and wish to be a part of your upcoming and future projects by hopefully lowering your costs.  For that, we'd love your support!