COVID-19 Forces a Re-Think

COVID-19 Forces a Re-Think

COVID-19 has had an affect on all of us in some way or another.

As a small business, we have been impacted heavily.

Reality, unfortunately, dictates that businesses can be 'locked down' within an instant.

Re-imagining our businesses to adapt to this environment was required.


Welcome thewhiteshaker


We are a minority own business that had built a specialized relationship with our most loyal South Florida client fan base.

thewhiteshaker is the result of taking our focus from working on fully blown remodeling projects to selling only one kind of cabinetry.

Our premium line of white shakers come with a 5 year limited warranty directly from the manufacturer, Faircrest Cabinets.

We can ship nationwide to the contiguous states.


thewhiteshaker offerings:


Premium ready-to-assemble (RTA) white shaker cabinetry at an extremely competitive price.  Our goal is to build a long-term professional relationship with you.

Earn money back if you provide your referral code to each completed order.  Make your kitchen free!

We have no doubt this cabinetry will look and function with stunning style... so much so that you'll have connections that will be begging you for your code when they see your completed projects.

Please help support our small business.

Hopefully you'll reconsider your plans if you had planned to buy your cabinetry from a big box store at a much higher cost and of lesser quality.

Contractors can qualify for additional benefits with our Enhanced and Eilte tiers that will be launched soon.

We can help you through the process if you have plans of what you need.

Either way, just contact us!


Please bare with us while we finalize the creation of our online store.  If you have queries while you are waiting, we are still able to quote and process orders if you contact us via email.

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